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Michael Miceli


Michael Miceli is the president and founder of All Dimension. Michael has a BS in finance and accounting from Siena College.
He started his professional career as a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley. 


At Morgan Stanley, Michael’s focus was business/real estate financing and investment management for small to mid-size business owners. His experience in financial management provides All Dimension with a unique competitive advantage as it relates to project financing and development of financial budgets.

Michael’s experience in construction dates back to his early teens, working with his father, Paul Miceli, who owned and operated a Queens-based roofing business for 40 years. His father taught him the framework for which our company was built on today: provide a high-quality product in a time efficient manner at a reasonable cost.


Michael’s responsibilities are focused primarily on business development, project planning/ budgeting, and oversight of our management team and internal staff. He is an excellent problem solver and works well under pressure. 


Since our inception, Michael has been the driving force in the development and growth of our business. More importantly, the long-term relationships he has developed with the industry partners and professionals we work with are paramount to the success of our projects.

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